Contract Supervisor

John davidson

John davidson Project manager  |  Contract Supervisor  |  Full-time First name: John Last name: Davidson spouse: patricia john[DEACEASED} Date of birth: 26/11 1962  Height: 5 7″cm tall Nationality: USA State: United State City: san diego california Project:  Loggering Marital Status: widowed kids: 1[carol] Project duration: 5 Months  Project worth: $80,000,000.325 Retirement benefit: $4,000,000..00 yukon canada

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Eric madison tosun

Eric madison tosun Project manager  |  Contract Supervisor  |  Full-time Having worked as a Contractor for over twenty five years, I have successfully completed numerous projects, ranging from small-scale renovations to large-scale construction developments. My ability to effectively manage budgets, coordinate subcontractors, and ensure timely project completion has consistently exceeded client expectations. NETWORTH:$12 million

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