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Chev Offshore Drilling is one of the leaders in offshore drilling

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Chev Offshore Drilling is one of the leaders in offshore drilling, providing contract drilling services to the energy industries and oil-producing companies around the globe with a total fleet of 12 offshore drilling rigs, consisting 7 semisubmersibles, four dynamically positioned drillships, and one jack-up International Consults company.

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Oil & Gas
What is the meaning of oil and gas?
Oil and Gas means petroleum, natural gas and other related hydrocarbons or minerals or any of them and all other substances produced or extracted in association therewith. Oil and gas services refer to products and processes that support the oil and gas industry, including energy exploration, transport of petroleum and gas to refineries, and the processing and delivery of energy assets to market.
Laying of Oli & Gas pipelines
Pipe laying progresses with the lay vessel moving forward on its anchors. The pipe is placed on the seabed in a controlled S-bend shape. The curvature in the upper section, or the overbend, is controlled by a supporting structure, called a stinger, that is fitted with rollers to minimize damage to the pipe.

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