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Chemical Research

Chemistry is a branch of science that involves the study of the composition, structure and properties of matter. Often known as the central science. Chemical Research in Toxicology is an international journal publishing articles focused on the chemical basis of toxicological responses, e.g., identification of novel toxic agents and reactive intermediates

Agricultural Processing

Agricultural processing means transforming, packaging, sorting, or grading livestock or livestock products, agricultural commodities, or plants or plant products into goods. Processing in agriculture involves the biological, physical, mechanical, and biochemical manipulation of agricultural produce in other to preserve it for further use. It involves the series of operations taken to change agricultural products into a consumer-finish product.

Power & Energy

Power is how fast energy is used or transmitted – power is the amount of energy divided by the time it took to use the energy. Its unit is the watt. Energy is the capacity to do some physical activities or work, such as running, jumping, etc., while power is defined as the rate at which the energy is transferred, or the work is completed. The unit used to measure energy is joules, ergs and calories.

Material Engineering

Material engineering is a field of work that involves investigating the properties of substances to create new materials with enhanced chemical and physical qualities. Engineers use a range of different materials, from ceramics and composites to metals and plastics. In fact, engineers work with pretty much every material type.

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